mindful walking

Mindful Walking

by Rachele Smith BSc RYT QMT

from mindfulism® and Mindful People Community CIC.

Walking is part of daily life for most of us.
Whether inside or out, we are usually walking in order to get somewhere: a goal-based journey.

Quite often, while walking, be it to another room, a walk to the shops or a walk outdoors for pleasure, our minds usually take a walk too, into the world of thoughts.

Before we know it, our awareness has shifted from ourselves, our bodies and our surroundings and we become lost in thought.

During a mindfulness walk, by paying attention to what we notice through our senses, the mind is gathered out of the past or future and into the present moment.

There is no particular aim, or goal, in a mindfulness walk, we are just being as fully present as we can with our current moment experience.

Walking in this way can be rejuvenating, a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend nurturing time with ourselves – partly in silence – whilst in the company of others.


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