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MBSR: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course - mindfulism®

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Why MBSR: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course ?

This course is for you if you want to: Fulfil your potential and build resilience. 

Have more insight into your automatic patterns of thought, emotion, and behaviour & adapt to more helpful & conscious behaviour and choices. The MBSR can be used for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
Learn how to handle difficult experiences, thoughts & feelings – including workplace situations & relationships
Experience more joy & peace & learn how you can enjoy even the busiest of lives.
The MBSR course results in significant physical & psychological health benefits for participants with a variety of motivations and backgrounds.

It might be especially worth considering if you struggle with:

Stress & Stress-related Symptoms
Recovery from Burnout
Chronic Illness & Pain
Anxiety or Depressive Mood
Irritability & Impatience
Difficulty Relaxing & Sleeping

MBSR incorporates meditation techniques and mind-body exercises to help you learn how to cope with stress. 

It offers greater clarity on what is happening in your life.

All sessions private 1:1 delivered online.

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mindfulism® Members of The Mindful Directory - Regulated & Supervised Therapeautic Mindfulness courses, classes and retreats.

Sometimes we’re just lost in thought & anxiety.

You can develop calmness, sleep better & stay positive.

Learn exactly what mindfulness is & how it can benefit you.

Simplify this often complex & overwhelming world with your very own mindfulness practice

Well being & calmness will be yours.

Find mindfulism® registered in the Mindful Directory of teachers and professionals located across the globe, with expertise in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Breathworks and more.